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We provide the most amazing and innovative service by providing our distinguished clientele with the ultimate sex vacation experience.


Imagine going to a country where approximately 50% of the women want an American, Canadian or European man to date?


Our company connects sexy Dominican women with successful foreign men. We personally introduce you to the most beautiful girls in the Dominican Republic and our girls are not 'working' girls. Most of them go to school or have regular jobs. They are all 'regular' girls that have signed up to meet guys just like you.


The Dominican Republic has an abundance of beautiful women that are looking to meet Foreign men. Sadly, many of them end up in prostitution because they do not know how to communicate their affection towards foreigners.


Our company has figured out a brilliant way to connect beautiful Dominican women with successful Foreign men and without any monetary exchange.


We are more like a Dating Agency except we introduce you to women that will make love to you. And, unlike all the other sex vacation providers, our women will kiss you, they will touch you and they will have wild, passionate sex with you. Our ladies know why you are here and understand that you will be meeting other women, so they will do their best to impress you. To them it's a competition. So, it doesn't matter how old you are or what you look like, our girls will want you because you represent their ' American Dream'.


Have you seen the TV show The Bachelor? YOU become the Bachelor!


We have brought a brand new concept of 'dating' to sex vacations that makes them exciting, fun, safe, romantic and most importantly, legal.  Our girls are not prostitutes. We do not pay them and ask that you respect our strict no monetary exchange policy.


Your erotic vacation with us will be more like a 'girlfriend' sex vacation as opposed to an 'escort' sex vacation.


When you sign with Erotic Vacation DR, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


You will meet beautiful, young, sexy women eagerly waiting to love you AND you will stay in the lap of luxury where you can have dinner with your girls and share romantic experiences with them. If you are looking for a sex vacation on an entirely different level, then we are the company for you.


Our Resort is an oceanfront Resort and it's located in the heart of all the action. Our Resort is also a regular, adults only, resort and not a Brothel or a Sex Resort like all the other companies operating in the Dominican Republic. (Learn More...) 


We offer 24 hour security, a full lobby, a restaurant, casino, pool bar, gym, over 50 staff members, 2 pools, golf courses, all amenities and one of the best beaches in all of the Dominican Republic.


Our Villa Package is the BEST deal in the industry and starts at only $1350/night. It's all inclusive and even includes one of our lovely ladies, 24 hours a day.

All of our Packages include girls and our elite staff to take care of you.

You are never alone. You are a VIP and will be treated as such from the second you reserve your vacation to the minute you arrive back home.


We want this to be the BEST sex vacation experience of your life and will do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction from start to finish.


For more info, email us OR call (855) 241 8881.

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